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Realign with your true self 

'Its never about what you think 

its always about how you Feel'

Vicki Morganti 

Counsellor, Energy Reader, Writer, Coach

Owner and creator of Realign Counselling

The world today is full of uncertainty, confusion, fear and great personal challenge. More and more people are questioning aspects of themselves and their lives, relationships, beliefs and feelings that they have never questioned before and many are searching for more meaning to life and who they are. 

Vicki has developed a system that takes you on a journey of self discovery, healing old wounds and traumas, clearing away old habitual thinking and limiting beliefs. Vicki guides you through simple steps and teaches you various tools and techniques that help you feel more authentically you, more in control of who you are and how you live your life, more confident and happier in your self, with more clarity about where you are and how to navigate your way going forward through life's ups and downs.

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