Realign Counselling

Vicki's Morganti 

My spiritual journey

A​s a young child Vicki knew she was not alone, she would speak to those 'unseen' around her all the time. whom she felt were her 'other' family. Vicki is an empath and since early childhood has been able to sense how others were feeling and read people and their intentions, she was often confused as a child as she knew more than her parents and other adults around her growing up and she felt different to other children, this made her feel quite overwhelmed at times and she was a shy and nervous child.

As a teenage girl many people gravitated towards her with their problems, she began giving angel and tarot readings and found she knew what to say and how to help in ways that sometimes surprised her. One time a group of friends challenged her on a word she used saying she didn't know what it meant. They were right, she didn't, it just came to her but when they challenged her to explain what it meant, she did and to her surprise as they read out the definition in the dictionary, she was right!

Vicki has had many experiences of feeling watched over and protected where she was at risk of being seriously hurt, things would mysteriously avoid hitting her or unexplained events would take place that meant she avoided harm or even death.

Vicki's Granny who is 99 years old is an eccentric and adventurous woman, after a near death experience, she decided to travel the world and settled in Australia, she bought a farm and as a herbalist made all her own remedies for various aliments and was a healer for many years. Vicki and her Granny had many long conversations throughout her teens and twenties, she helped Vicki understand and trust her own healing ability, working with energy and communicating with spiritual beings and loved ones who had passed away.

In her twenties and working as a healer, Vicki was able to see where blockages were in a persons aura and know how to remove them. Client's had strange experiences during healing such as seeing flashing colours and symbols, seeing loved ones who had died and remembering past lives that were currently affecting them. Many clients began wanting to talk about their experiences but she felt ill equipped and so trained as a counsellor.

Vicki hid her healing and psychic abilities for many many years. As a lightworker in her early twenties Vicki knew about a great shift that was coming to the world, some of those things she knew about have happened, others are yet to happen. Whilst she kept her knowledge and abilities hidden throughout her career she knew a time was coming when her abilities would be greatly needed and she would be unable to hide them any longer. 

In her early forties after ignoring the guidance and inner knowing that it was time for change Vicki became seriously ill with an infection in her spine. It was a wake up call that things were beginning to change in the world and she must focus 100% on her counselling work and let all other jobs go.

From that point onward, each year it got harder and harder to hide her abilities as clients' loved ones would bring messages of comfort, her guides would give insights about a clients past lives and she would understand and know how to read a clients energy field. Her work began to change, clients were moving forward much more quickly, they knew something had changed and they felt better but they didn't know how and were often unable to explain to their partners and friends or even themselves how or why they felt so different after a session.

Vicki gradually found her counselling work had begun to be more a combination of healing, energy reading, channeling and teaching. Sessions became less about the traditional approach of counselling through listening and more of guided healing and a spiritual awakening process.

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