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Life changing - I feel so lucky to have met Vicki the experience has been life changing. I have had Counselling before but the relationship I have built with Vicki sets this experience apart. From the off I have felt comfortable and put at ease by Vicki I have been able to express myself and not feel judged. I really feel Vicki has listened to me and I have benefited from her experience in life coaching. I use some simple strategies she has shared with me that have really helped. Vicki has been such a positive influence in my life and I could not recommend her highly enough. It’s such a powerful feeling to be able to smile and really feel it.

Kind, compassionate and caring - Until meeting Vicki I had always been sceptical about seeking help and speaking to someone after some traumatic experiences that left me feeling very low and lonely. I found Vicki online it was easy to book an appointment, I felt welcomed and at ease instantly and it was obvious to see that Vicki was/is non-judgemental and very experienced. Such a weight was lifted from me to be able to speak to someone that I felt really understood me and cared about my wellbeing. She is very patient and compassionate and offered great advice when it came to understanding the reasons why I felt the way I did. I left feeling much more confident about my emotions and learned to nurture them rather than feeling like I was going crazy. Vicki is a delightful human being and I will not hesitate to revisit her should I ever need to.


that yours has been the most positive, helpful and proactive therapy that I have ever had and has helped me enormously doesn't quite cover it


I feel so much happier, can't thank you enough


Really helpful, things have really improved with my daughter, she thinks so highly of you as do I, thank you


No one seems to know me or 'get' me like you do, I just feel so much more positive after a session


Really, really helpful, thank you


I ended up taking my son out of school and homeschooling him, Vicki was really good at connecting with him and helping him with his issues. He decided to go back to school and is doing very well now. Thank you Vicki with all your help, he's a different boy now and that's thanks to all your hard work


I feel like everything I came to you for is better or gone! 


You've helped me more in one session than I've got from months of counselling elsewhere...its like you're psychic!


Before I started working with Vicki I was in a very dark and perhaps dangerous place both mentally and I was also on the verge of making myself ill. In addition I had experienced anxiety attacks at both work and home, which is when I started looking for professional help and advice and found Vicki Morganti. 

To say Vicki helped me is a small understatement, she gave me so much more. My sessions with her not only helped with situation I was going through but also helped me understand a lot about things about myself I had forgotten or had never known. 

My journey with Vicki has being the most influential and fulfilling in a very long time. The sessions have done more than make me feel like my normal self. They have given me a new sense of confidence and believe that I never knew existed. For which I will always be eternally grateful.


Vicki helped me so much in overcoming things that needed to be dealt with, I can’t tell anyone enough how amazing she is and I would absolutely recommend her as someone to talk to if ever needed, very understanding, lovely and has helped me personally deal with a lot and I have come away from her sessions a much happier person. She couldn’t have been better and every single session felt productive and valuable.


The whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish. I was really worried about sharing my problems. I was made to feel comfortable and accepted from the minute it started till the last time i left. I would recommend to anybody And everybody to spend time with Vikki she has improved my life tenfold.


Vicki is an exceptionally insightful and earnest counsellor. In the eight weeks I have spent with her I have made more progress than I thought I was capable of.

The decision I made to seek counselling was a challenging one but it has always felt honoured in our sessions. They are comfortable and easy to understand. I always feel comfortable to discuss my issues regardless of how personal or challenging they may be for me.

I have experienced a number of other counsellors in the past and I always found them to be overly clinical and unwilling to engage in conversation. This has never been an issue with Vicki she is always willing to provide an alternate perspective while paying close attention to my own. Instead of counselling me in direct response to my diagnosis she took the time get to know me and help me come to terms with my issues, as they effect me and move past them myself.

If you are having difficulties and you need an environment that is calm and understanding to help you work through you issues at your own pace then I highly recommend Vicki.


Vicki is very natural and puts you at ease. She is warm, friendly and welcoming and very insightful too. I felt, very quickly, that she really 'got me', more than I 'got' myself at that time.

We worked together a few times on issues I had and very soon I began to see things more clearly, grew in confidence and felt so much more comfortable as me.

I found her very motivating, positive and helpful whilst also being, kind, gentle and sympathetic. I felt so good after working with Vicki and our work together had really changed my outlook on life and on myself.

Her home is easy to find and park at and is warm and inviting and I felt very relaxed there. I can highly recommend Vicki, she is excellent.


Really helpful and understanding. There was no awkward silences which I've experienced before and after only 5 sessions I felt a lot better about everything.



Vicki has help me get through some very hard times! I would recommend her to anyone.