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Ascension Counselling

For those on a spiritual journey

Why Ascension Counselling?

The world today is full of uncertainty, confusion, fear and worry. More and more people are being faced with great personal challenge and loss and questioning aspects of their lives, their beliefs and feelings they have never questioned before.

The pandemic has turned the world upside down, for some this has been a time of rest, reflection and change for the better. For others it has been a time of fear, anxiety, loss, restriction and uncertainty or maybe a mixture of the two. Never in our history have we experienced such upheaval on a global level. These current times we are experiencing are being called the Golden Age, The Great Awakening, The Event, Ascension and many others, and have been prophesied for thousands of years in many religions, ancient civilisations and indigenous people.

Typically all things strange and wonderful are considered a bit woo woo and weird, Those who are open to alternative medicine, healing, psychic readings, astrology, crystals, past lives, karma, ancient and indigenous wisdom, and religions, angels and spiritual beings, UFO's, meditation, life after death and all things mysterious and metaphysical are considered a new age Hippy, conspiracy theorist or tree hugger or someone who wears a tin foil hat! People are often afraid of sharing their interests and beliefs for fear of ridicule and rejection - quite justified when at one time in our history those kind of people were called witches and burnt at the stake or stoned to death!

However there is a rapidly growing trend in people's interest in all things unexplained, metaphysical, alternative and holistic and these times we are in are forcing more and more people to find alternative solutions and information to long term illnesses, unexplained experiences, a deep curiosity about the mysterious and unknown and a sense of truth. People are searching for something more, something profound something that makes sense of themselves and the world and for more meaning to life and who they are.

What is Ascension Counselling?

Ascension counselling is about guiding you through these current ascension times through a combination of counselling, emotional healing (although physical healing can be a side affect of this), channelled messages, energy reading and spiritual teaching. 

Vicki provides a warm and welcoming space for people to explore themselves at a far deeper level, to be open about their spiritual beliefs and experiences and explore their current challenges from a spiritual perspective without fear of judgment or ridicule.  

We are all at different stages of this ascension process, ascension counselling is about bringing people together through unity consciousness whatever stage you're at and supporting you on your journey. 

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What can Ascension counselling help?

Ascension counselling can help if you want to explore specific issues and challenges such as feeling stuck or if you have a big decision to make. Or perhaps you are overwhelmed with feelings of loss or grief, anxiety disorders and depression, lack of confidence and life direction, or feel it's time to heal old hurts and trauma's. Or as a fellow lightworker or starseed on your spiritual journey you are needing guidance and support along the way through these challenging times. 

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How many sessions do I need?

There is no right or wrong here, you can have as many or as little sessions as you need, as frequently or infrequently as you need. Each session lasts an hour. 

Those with small and specific issues a few sessions may be all you need. For some with more old and complex issues a course of weekly sessions over a period of 4 to 6 months may be required to shift the energy. For others a regular check in and rebalance on a long term monthly basis may be more suited. 

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What can I expect from a session?

Vicki will call in her guides and welcome yours to join us with your consent. Vicki will explore what brings you to ascension counselling and read through your energy field for where the blockages are and work with her guides to help you release them. Messages may also come through from your guides and/or loved ones that have passed away. 

Sessions can be face to face or via phone or online. All work equally well.

Sessions are about healing the emotional body, creating greater awareness of the difference between your human ego self and your higher soul self, resolving past karma, bringing all aspects of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies into alignment and supporting you through the challenges that come from soul awakening during these ascension times. 

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learn more about Vicki's spiritual journey