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Vicki Morganti is a professional Counsellor (MA, BA hons, MNCS accred, reg.MBACP) and the owner of Realign Counselling. 

Vicki works with people who feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed, by helping them rediscover and realign with their inner resilience. Vicki specialises in working with anxiety and people who would consider themselves to be sensitive, kind and shy.

Vicki began her career in her early twenties as a Reiki and Karuna master healer but found it released a lot of blocked emotion which she was unsure of how to manage, so she began training in counselling in 1998 and has worked in the area of anxiety and depression for over twenty years.

During that time Vicki has seen that people are born resilient but our culture, parents and life experiences can often undermine that resilience and cause people to lose confidence in their themselves and their ability to cope with challenges.

Vicki originally trained as a Person Centred counsellor but has been influenced by many psychologists, psychotherapists, educationalists and motivational speakers over the years. Her practice remains largely holistic and she continues to use healing as part of her counselling practice, in that she can intuitively sense and feel where people are blocked or stuck and how to release it. This is equally as effective over the phone, online or in face to face sessions.

As well as her counselling practice, Vicki also worked for fifteen years with families, parents, children and young people, in early years settings, primary and secondary schools and youth services. As a result, Vicki discovered that sensitive children and teens often feel overwhelmed by the harshness of life, they learn to play safe, keep small, avoid taking risks and often override their intuitive impulses. This can affect them into adult life and lead to a loss of confidence in their ability to handle change, manage challenges and making difficult decisions. When we try to be someone we are not or try to keep ourselves small, we can eventually get lost which is the breading ground for anxiety and depression.

Vicki now works in private practice as a Counsellor, working with a wide range of issues such as loss and grief, stress and anxiety, depression and negative coping mechanisms and specialises in working with people with anxiety and those who would regard themselves as shy, or sensitive both currently or/and as a child.

Vicki is married and has four children and lives with her family in Surrey, UK.

Vicki Morganti

MA, BA Hons

(MNCS Accred, reg,MBACP)

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